The reasons for an international internship

To explain the importance of an international internship during your academic career we are going to introduce the 5 W’s method.

So let’s go directly to the point:

WHO (who can have an internship?) : You, yeah, just you! If you want to have a boost in your career, if you would like to have an international experience in your CV, check through our website, decide your destination and contact us, after this we will discuss with you the best options for you adn your internship experience.

WHAT (what is an internship? what do I need for an internship?) :

WHEN (when can I start an Internship?) : The right moment is whenever you can, choosing different countries in the world you can have the season that you prefer, the timezone that you prefer, so don’t hesitate, InterStage gives you all the information about the countries that you are going yo visit for your internship in order to be prepared and to don’t miss any chance to discover the world.

WHERE (where can I have my internship?) : All the world is just waiting you!! InterStage as contact in different countries in the world, fructs of our experience around the world and the importance of internships in the various States. The choice is up to you, but InterStage is here to advice you on the choice if you need, relating with your VISA or other circumstances of your travel.

WHY (why do I need an international internship? why should I choose InterStage?) :

and now the sixt point isn’t a W but it’s nowadays often used by journalists is

HOW: This is really simple, realize your dreams with INTERSTAGE, just contact us and decide where and when you would like to have your intenrship!!!


We are ready here, and you?!